Saturday, December 27, 2014


So the semester's over and its time to go home! Yes winter holidays are here! Bags packed and tickets booked and all i can think about is home :')

While i was waiting to go home, sitting bored at home and hungry i decided to go see a new place to eat as it had been ages that i did. So i ended up with my friends in this place called Serafina and i am glad i did so because i love pasta and the place gave me good pasta!

It is an Italian restaurant and is a nice dining place with calm atmosphere and plain colors.I love the concept of their walls showing mixed effects of partly bare bricks with some paintings on them while the rest was plain smooth wall.The tables were placed within a good distance of each other giving you your space and looked to accommodate groups of varying sizes. The overall feeling was a happy one.


Tagliolini Al Pollo (pasta non veg)


80 Feet Road
4th Block, Koramangala


Want a nice setting that lets you have a good time with good Italian food that makes your tummy happy? This is the place!
and the winter is here so sit back, eat your heart out and have grab a quick beer with your friends!


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