Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TRUFFLES (Ice and spice)

TRUFFLES (Ice and spice)

28,4th 'B' Cross, 5th Block Kormangla

This has been the most visited place for me and my friends! Every time we were in Kormangla we ended up eating here. I love the food and the place. Unlike the other restaurants, this place is always filled with students all the time!


If you are a college student then this is the perfect palace for you and your friends to hang out. It is
affordable and has so many varieties of food to choose. i love eating here and we always end up here once a month. This place is comfy and friendly. and every time i have been there we had to stand in a line for our turn to get a place inside!
Yes! it is that crowded!


Non veg club sandwich, All american cheese burger
Chicken wings in BBQ,Ferero Rosher, Blueberry cheese cake, oreo cheese cake, chicken steak


Non veg club sandwich all time fav! then the Ferrero Rocher and then if you have any space either of the cheese cakes!


If you love food then this is the best place. its affordable and fun place. and yes! whatever you eat do have the mayo sauce.They have the most amazing mayo sauce ^_^

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